Monday, 10 August 2015

Racism in Cartoons

I cannot remember where I heard about this but I do remember being astounded, intrigued and confused! Racism in cartoons? Since when were cartoons racist? That can't be true? Cartoons are for kids?
I decided to search this on Google and was overwhelmed to the sites and articles that popped up.

Racism in cartoons was a real thing.

From Looney Tunes to Arthur to Tom and Jerry, stereotypes and shockingly racist illustrations infiltrated through many cartoons, some more obvious than others, yet there are many people unaware that there were racist cartoons or that the stereotypes shown were racist.

It is horrifying to realise that many people endured racism as disgusting as what is shown in some of the cartoons, but it is even more shocking to actually realise that racism, in those times, was shown and demonstrated in so many different ways... there was no way of escaping it. 

I have linked one video below from the YouTube channel ETC News and in this video you will be able to see the prejudice in the cartoons we could have watched when we were younger.

This is a sensitive topic and I hope I have discussed it in an appropriate manner.

Feel free to research this matter more as there are many other videos and articles that explain this further.
If you are shocked like I was or if you can give me more information on this topic please feel free to leave a comment -  I would love to know what your reaction is to this!
Thanks for reading!



  1. I had heard about this before, it so sad that they would put those in children's cartoons.

    1. I agree and not many people knew some of these cartoons were racist!

  2. There is a Warner Bros cartoon clled Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarves which is like a black re-telling of Snow White in the jazz age... it was banned but actually featured a load of prominent jazz musicians so we studied it on my university course! Crazy! Watching it was insane, it's so racist (a guy goes around killing "japs" for money etc), so odd. xx

    1. Thank you for telling me! That is so interesting, I will definitely look it up!


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