Wednesday, 25 November 2015

November Playlist

I have recently discovered incredible albums and singles that have truly shaped the month of November.

Album of the month

25 - Adele

Oh. my. god.
I have been waiting to hear this for 4 years.
Following the international success of  '21', which had become one of my most loved albums, I had immense faith in 25 to be just as phenomenal.
'25' did not disappoint. The lyrics are breathtaking and the melodies are beautiful.
Her new album is stunning.
I cannot praise this album enough because it is genuinely incredible.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Pinterest Inspiration

Pinterest has become one of my most favourite apps.
Scrolling through an abundance of incredible pictures allows me to begin the day feeling motivated, inspired or just happy.
Here are some of the pictures I have pinned that evoke all of these feelings:


Source: (Top Left), (Top Right), (Bottom Left), (Bottom Middle), (Bottom Right)


Sunday, 1 November 2015

Book Wish List

I adore reading. The simple pleasure of delving into a story and conjuring up images in your head of the characters, the setting and the plot can allow you to lose yourself in another world. It is a past-time that I appreciate most during Autumn and Winter. In the evening with a vanilla-scented candle lit, steaming mug of frothy hot chocolate and dim lighting whilst reading a book that consumes you is blissful.

Each time I walk into Waterstones I cannot stop myself from buying a new book. The smell of a new book in their shiny, fresh state tends to lure me in but recently I have been refraining from entering bookstores. I want to finish reading all the books I have before buying more and more novels - I am currently reading three books at the moment. 

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