Monday, 14 December 2015

How to Increase Productivity?

I can hardly believe almost four months have flown past and I am beginning to be in closer proximity to exams.
After the elation I felt over my GCSE results, I definitely want to replicate A Level results of the same standard. But I have already had it drilled in to me that GCSE and A Level are not of the same standard. Nevertheless, here are some of the things I do to be successful in completing my work.

Simple enough? Totally. But I can understand your struggle because you feel like
you     just     can't     do     it.
But this is my message to you: START YOUR WORK!
It is very easy to loose yourself in the world of YouTube and Instagram where the number of videos and pictures are endless but it is important to say to yourself,
"I can sacrifice this hour to my work"
because the sooner you do the work, the sooner you can relax.
Remember starting is the hardest part so once you've done that, you're already half way there!

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