Sunday, 17 January 2016

Why Should You Be Involved in Politics?

Do you vote?

Voting is a human right. A right that we did not always have.
The story of the Suffragettes and Suffragists is one that truly symbolises the struggle and defiance of women who wholeheartedly believed they had a place in politics. Their relentless fight to allow women the freedom to vote truly showed their persistence, strength and integrity. But why were they indefatigable in their fight for the vote? Why did they risk their lives? 
It is simple.
If you do not vote, politicians and political parties will not represent you!
During the years where females were forbidden from voting, laws that aided to a woman's needs never became legislation as women were not a part of the electorate. In other words,  politicians did not need to gain votes from women and so disregarded the entire female species in political decisions that effected them. If you vote, politicians are more likely to introduce laws that you want as you have the power to predict their future as your local MP or Prime Minister.

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