Sunday, 24 January 2016

Drowning In Technology

In a world saturated with computer screens, mobile screens, Tumblr dreams and Instagram themes, it is becoming increasingly difficult to withdraw yourself from technology and live freely - without the need to constantly refresh our Pinterest pages or tweet ourselves out of misery. The tyranny of technology has led us to be distant from the real world and this did not become any more real to me then when I checked my Battery Usage on my iPhone.
On Sunday I became aware of this clever little feature on the piece of technology that has taken over my life, and I was astounded with what I saw. If you go on to your Settings and press on Battery Usage you are able to see your battery usage for the last 24 hours. If you press the small clock icon next to the 'Last 7 Days' tab, you can see how much time you have spent on your phone - On Screen and Background time.
It was then that I found out the amount of time I spent idle whilst flipping through a constantly refreshing and never-ending timeline and this amounted to 5.12 hours. It was a Sunday and I had woken up at 10AM and fell asleep at 11PM so approximately 39% of my day was spent with my eyes situated against my phone screen. This is also excluding the time I spent watching television or on my laptop.

How has our daily lives evolved into being situated in front of technology, completely transfixed with the glory of the Internet?  How has this overtaken the simplistic beauty of nature, of taking walks, going to parks, or even relaxing in the evenings mobile-free?
I feel that many people are unaware of the effect technology can have on us; we feel a sense of withdrawal from the present moment and fixated in a virtual world where everything is seemingly more glamorous and 'perfect.' We want to capture  moments before living through them and most of us spend more time improving our Instagram than visiting new places or talking to friends.

Is that a life worth living?

After realising how much time I spend procrastinating on my phone, I have decided to stop using my phone from 8pm onward. Although this is a small step, I want to be able to achieve this first and then eventually move on to a complete Technology Blackout in the evenings.

Check your Battery Usage to see how much of your day is consumed by your iPhone!
Comment down below with your views on mobile use.
Do you think technology is a gift or a curse or both?

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  1. I completely agree with you, we've become too focused on social media. It's really important to take a break from time to time - I put my phone away for a few hours today and felt really relaxed afterwards. Not using your phone after 8 pm sounds like a great idea, I might actually try that myself! x

    1. I feel so much more relaxed when I stop using my phone :)
      Thanks for reading :)


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