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Another woman that has continued to inspire me is Hayley Williams.
A pioneer for women in rock, she is fearless in a very male-dominated genre of music. She screams, headbangs and rocks out on stage and is unapologetic when she does. Her incredible vocals and persistence in the music scene, despite several setbacks, led her to win the first-ever Billboard Trailblazer Award in 2014. As the front-woman and lead singer of Paramore, she has inspired women to be unique and follow their hearts, making her a truly empowering woman.

Source: www.billboard.com
Paramore's music is saturated in passion and emotion. Each of their albums have marked a different period in their lives and you can clearly see how they have evolved and changed through their music. The band, however, has been through many struggles with 2 members, Zack and Josh Farro, leaving the group in a bitter split in 2010 and another band member, Jeremy Davis, leaving just 8 months ago. Their revival in 2013, with their self-titled album, was a sign of the defiance and strength of Paramore and this same attitude has been mirrored in the making of their upcoming album due to be released this year. Just Hayley Williams and Taylor York remain in the band but have decided to continue fulfilling their passion in music. Songs such as 'In the Mourning' explicitly show their struggle during the band's break-up but it seems, especially after their latest Parahoy performances, that they are stronger than ever.

Hayley has constantly championed the idea of uniqueness and the ability to truly express yourself. This can be seen in Hayley's newly launched business 'Good Dye Young.' As the CEO of GDY, Hayley Williams has now certified herself as a businesswoman as well as a musician. Similar to Beyonce, both of these women have juggled a music career as well as being in the world of business and have constantly fought against the restrictions they have faced. It is this attitude that is so empowering as, despite their struggle and difficulty, they have continued to succeed in their careers.

Source: emilyshur.tumblr.com
Williams exudes confidence; she bravely wears different fashion styles and appears on stage as a strong woman. This is one of the things that I have always admired about her - she is fearless. She is like a fireball on stage that never burns out; she gives everything in each performance and it is fascinating to watch. Hayley is not afraid to express herself in her music, on stage and in her fashion and this is one of the many reasons why she has stood out as a musician and woman.

Source: www.bbc.co.uk
Back in 2012 I was lucky enough to meet Hayley; I was walking on Carnaby Street in London and there she was, with Taylor York (guitarist in Paramore), and I freaked out. We had a very quick chat followed with a hug and picture and it is a moment that I will never forget. I was overcome with shock and could only manage to ramble together a few words as to how much I loved Paramore's music.

Hayley Williams has devoted over half of her life to her music career and it is a career that has continued to inspire and empower women to be confident, unique and fearless. As a self-confessed Feminist, she is yet another individual that has encouraged women to exceed and excel allowing me to label her as an empowering woman.

Does Hayley Williams inspire you?
Are there any women in rock that have made a similar contribution?


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