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I am constantly looking toward other women for inspiration and strength, whether it be women I personally know or those in the public eye. With persisting inequalities for women in many aspects of life, it is even more inspiring to see one succeed and break through all that is inhibiting them.
I have decided to create a blogpost series labelled EMPOWERING WOMEN and it is exactly what it reads on the tin - a weekly post on strong females that inspire me and would also (hopefully) inspire you. 


I am sure it is not a surprise to anyone reading that Beyonce is the first woman to feature in this series. During an interview with Beyonce, Oprah quoted Maya Angelou and told her "You make me proud to spell my name W-O-M-A-N" and this encapsulates exactly how I feel about Queen B.
Beyonce's work is phenomenal - her vocals, music, choreography and imagery creates art that is breathtaking and exhilarating. Her recent album, Lemonade, is stunning. The way in which Beyonce presents her work allows us to fully understand her vision. She knows exactly how to reinvent herself and push boundaries yet remains passionate and soulful in her work. Listening to Beyonce's music will make you feel strong enough to take on the world. 

Beyonce as a businesswoman symbolises strength. The documentary 'Year of 4' (Available on Youtube) and 'Life is But a Dream' presents Beyonce's ruthlessness when faced with problematic decisions; she is not an individual that is afraid to say no. The story of Beyonce deciding to manage herself (instead of being managed by her Father) in order to become an independent businesswoman inspires me greatly. She says in 'Year of 4': 
"Sometimes we don't reach for the stars. Sometimes we are satisfied with what people tell us we're supposed to be satisfied with, and I'm just not going for it"
which is a message that has stuck with me. Why should we be content when we can continue to strive and exceed? It is this mindset that has influenced me to keep working hard even when it feels futile because Beyonce is living proof that dedication and hard work can lead you anywhere. 

She champions the role of mothers and women in society and continues to represent their struggles and strength in a relatable and empowering way. She performed on stage at Roseland whilst she was pregnant and produced an incredible show, proving that she is a woman that does it all and one that also inspires other females to succeed too.

Her recent album Lemonade is, not only a stunning showcase of her talent, but also an album that carries within it a powerful message that unites all of her songs. The message is to highlight the abhorrent racial injustice against black men and women that continues to poison the land of the free. Beyonce uses her talents to expose the shocking police brutality toward black Americans that is imprinted in American society. The imagery of plantation houses and the speeches from Malcolm X as well as the video for 'Forward', which presents grieving families who have lost someone due to police brutality, proves that Lemonade is an album that explores both the past and present reality for black Americans.

Beyonce has continued to be a beacon of light for many women and black Americans, who continue to face prejudice and discrimination. She is one of the many celebrities who have used their position in the world to make a positive difference and change.
I am so grateful to have grown up in a time where women like Beyonce are empowering other females to be successful and powerful.
Her focus on strengthening a woman's place in the world was apparent when she stood up on stage at the VMAS proudly declaring herself a 'Feminist'. This is an image that will stay with me forever.

She truly is an empowering woman. 


Comment below with your views on Beyonce and her work.


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