Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Why is Labour allowing for years of Tory misrule?

Source: telegraph.co.uk

The Conservative Party members were, once, viciously clawing at each other in the days following up to the EU Referendum – their party was visibly split on whether Britain should Leave or Remain. Of Tory MPs, 185 voted to Remain and 138 voted to Leave and among those 138 were 6 Cabinet Ministers (including high-profile names such as Michael Gove) and the former London Mayor, Boris Johnson. On the 23rd June the country voted against the advice of their Tory Prime Minister, David Cameron, leading to his resignation and the collapse of the entire Cameron government. It seemed like nothing could have been more detrimental to the status, popularity and legitimacy of the Tory government, until the imposition of the unelected Prime Minister Theresa May. I thought this would have been Labour’s dream come true (apart from Brexit, of course) to witness the self-destruction of the Party who they have tried to defeat since 2010. But it seems, instead, Labour also decided to self-destruct.
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